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Sticky Weeds Repentance

Today I decided to pull the weeds popping up around the patio. It was a pretty easy job as the roots weren’t very deep. The problem came after all the weeds were pulled. It turns out those were sticky weeds. My hands were covered with sticky little leaves. I tried everything to get them off. Using the hose outside did nothing. So I went inside and tried hand soap, then dish soap. It seemed those little leaves did not want to come off. After much scrubbing I got the leaves off but it still left a sticky feeling which caused my fingers to stick together.

My husband brought me mechanics soap that felt like it had sand in it. Finally, the stickiness was gone. My hands were now clean. I had used the right remedy to rid the sticky residue the weeds left.


Sin will stick to us, too, and we try many remedies to get rid of it. We try to cover it up with good deeds or whatever we can do to get rid of the guilt. If we don’t apply the right remedy for our sin the roots can get even deeper. The Biblical remedy is repentance. When we repent the Lord cleanses us of our sin.

Before I pulled those weeds I should have done the proper preparations which would have included wearing gloves. If I had I wouldn’t have had to deal with sticky fingers. When we read the Word, the Bible, we are taking the proper preparations to keep us from being tempted to sin. But if we do sin the Lord is faithful and just to forgive us our sins when we repent.

So always be prepared. Then you won’t have to deal with sticky fingers.