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The Day My Car Phone Mocked Me – Calling Sardella’s

Thursday night is pizza night. Last night I decided to to get the pizza at Domino’s and the rigatoni and meatballs at Sardella’s.

I timed my drive and called Domino’s first on my car phone.

Me: “Call Domino’s”

Car: I have two numbers. Say one for John Acosta or two for Domino’s Pizza.

What? What does John, my landscaper, have to do with Domino’s Pizza? That was weird.

Of course, I chose option two and ordered my pizza. Now to order my rigatoni.

Me: “Call Sardella’s”

Car: Calling PetSmart

What? No!”

Me: “Call Sardella’s”

Car: Calling Charlene’s cellphone.

I was starting to laugh now. Well, laughing mixed with a little yelling. It didn’t even say Charlene’s last name. It was like it had some kind of thing going with Charlene.

Me: “Call Sardella’s” speaking very slow and clear

Car: Calling Laura Shiver’s office

Oh good grief. Laura doesn’t even have an office. Laughing is now replaced with frustration. Not only am I getting frustrated, I’m also getting close to Sardella’s and I haven’t even placed my order yet.

Not one to give up easily I decided to try one more time.

Me: “Call Sardella’s”

Car: Calling Karen Bohning’s cell

Seriously??!! How does that even remotely sound like Sardella’s?

I gave up. At the next stop light I picked up my cellphone and tapped Sardella’s. As if mocking me, my car picked it up.

Finally, I connected with Sardella’s and placed my order.

The moral of the story? Learn how to cook and make my pizza and rigatoni at home!