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Is It The Gospel Or A Canned Presentation

Through the years I have heard pastors and others comment that witnessing programs are just “canned presentations”.  Actually, they are canned presentations.  And again, actually, they are not canned presentations.  How can that be? I was an Evangelism Explosion trainer for over ten years.  Evangelism Explosion (EE) is a program to help Christians learn how… Continue reading Is It The Gospel Or A Canned Presentation

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Can We Change Who We Are

Let’s see.  Suppose I took a trip to China and loved it so much I wanted to move there.  In fact, I decide to actually become Chinese.  So I pack up and move there and apply for citizenship. I learn to speak Chinese, learn to cook Chinese food, wear the current Chinese fashions, get my… Continue reading Can We Change Who We Are

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15 Fun Reasons To Own A Dog

Dogs have many talents. There are dancing dogs, piano playing dogs, guard dogs. You name it. They can do it. Here are some more reasons why owning a dog is both fun and rewarding. 1. They love to horse around 2. They love to chill out 3. They will cook 4. They are fashionable 5.… Continue reading 15 Fun Reasons To Own A Dog

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Are You Spiritually Charged

How often do you fill your spiritual tank? Everyday? Several times a week? Only on Sundays? As I grabbed my tablet for a few minutes of relaxation before the evening started, I found it was only charged at 17%. I knew I’d only have a few minutes of use before it ran out of juice… Continue reading Are You Spiritually Charged

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Erasing Our Sin

Ask most people if they think they’re a pretty good person and they will usually answer yes. Even when they are shown that they are really sinners they will still claim to be mostly good with just a few “flaws” that they are sure the Lord will overlook. And most are confident that they can… Continue reading Erasing Our Sin

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Swimming Pool Safety For Your Dog

Most dogs love to swim and will swim instinctively. You’ve seen the videos of someone holding their dog over a bucket of water and their feet and legs automatically start the dog paddle. Because we all know dogs swim we think they are safe around pools. The major safety problem is that even though your… Continue reading Swimming Pool Safety For Your Dog

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Simple Chili Recipe

Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour 1 pound hamburger 1/4 small onion, chopped 2 tsps chili powder 2 cans tomato sauce 2 cans chili beans 1/2 cup water dash salt dash pepper Optional: 1 can chopped stewed tomatoes Directions: In a sauce pan cook ground hamburger and onions.  Add salt and pepper. When… Continue reading Simple Chili Recipe

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What Does The Bible Say About Laziness

Whether we’re talking about laziness in general or laziness in our Christian walk we can be sure the Bible has a lot to say about this subject. From the beginning of history God has called man to work. In Genesis 2:15 God put man to work in the Garden of Eden. He didn’t create us… Continue reading What Does The Bible Say About Laziness

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Are We Serving With A Sincere Heart

Did he really say that to me? Years ago I started going to a new church. The people seemed happy there and I liked the friendly atmosphere. The first time I stepped into the lobby a greeter, I’ll call Bob, shook my hand and seemed truly interested in this new visitor. For the next several… Continue reading Are We Serving With A Sincere Heart