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Erasing Our Sin

Ask most people if they think they’re a pretty good person and they will usually answer yes. Even when they are shown that they are really sinners they will still claim to be mostly good with just a few “flaws” that they are sure the Lord will overlook. And most are confident that they can easily cover up any sin just by doing something good. They feel a balanced scale is all they need to merit Heaven. The reality is that in order to earn Heaven by our good works we need to be absolutely perfect. Matthew 5:48 says that “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect”.

Can We Erase Our Sin?††††††

Let’s take a trip to a paper mill. We watch as the newly made paper is rolled or cut ready for use. You could say this is virgin paper, it’s never been used or written on. It’s perfectly clean, no marks, smudges or wrinkles. While we’re standing there I decide to be sneaky and take out my ultra thin sharpened pencil and put a very tiny little miniscule dot on one of the sheets of paper. You can barely see it but I know it’s there and you saw me do it. Looking at that paper we both know in our minds and hearts that that sheet of paper is no longer perfect. It has a mark on it. It’s so small it’s barely visible to the naked eye but it’s there none the less. We can no longer consider this piece of paper a clean virgin sheet. It’s no longer perfect.

Now I start to feel a little guilty. That sheet should not be wrapped up and sold as a clean sheet of paper. I know what I’ll do. I’ll erase the pencil dot! Who will know. My friend won’t tell. So I turn my pencil over and erase the dot as best as I can. Whew! That took care of that! But can that sheet of paper be sold as a brand new perfect unused sheet? No! Even though the dot was reasonably erased it was still there in the first place. That sheet of paper can never be considered perfect because at one time it had a mark on it.

We are not perfect

It’s the same way with our standing before God. We may think we can do something to “erase” our sin but by the very fact that we sinned in the first place means we are not perfect. We don’t meet God’s standard to get into Heaven. No one can erase their own sin. Only God can do that. In fact, He doesn’t just erase it, He creates in you a clean heart as if you had never sinned. He came to earth and lived the perfect life for us and then took the punishment for our sin on the cross. When we repent and turn to Him then HE takes away our sin completely. We become spiritually reborn. The only way we can get to Heaven is through Jesus.