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Can We Change Who We Are

Let’s see.  Suppose I took a trip to China and loved it so much I wanted to move there.  In fact, I decide to actually become Chinese.  So I pack up and move there and apply for citizenship. I learn to speak Chinese, learn to cook Chinese food, wear the current Chinese fashions, get my… Continue reading Can We Change Who We Are

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How Can We Have Peace

How Can We Have Peace? This has been a historic week.  We’ve elected a new president.  A president that has people on both sides uncertain about the future.  Turmoil and unrest are all around us.  Riots are breaking out because people are “fearful” which results in more fear for everyone.  Each political side is calling… Continue reading How Can We Have Peace

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Are You Hiding From God Do You Have Hidden Sin

Last night I had a dream that I was at work but I was naked. Someone had taken my clothes from me and I was shamefully walking around baring all for the world to see. I wanted to go shopping and buy some clothes but I realized to do that I’d have to go to… Continue reading Are You Hiding From God Do You Have Hidden Sin