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15 Fun Reasons To Own A Dog

Dogs have many talents. There are dancing dogs, piano playing dogs, guard dogs. You name it. They can do it. Here are some more reasons why owning a dog is both fun and rewarding. 1. They love to horse around 2. They love to chill out 3. They will cook 4. They are fashionable 5.… Continue reading 15 Fun Reasons To Own A Dog

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Swimming Pool Safety For Your Dog

Most dogs love to swim and will swim instinctively. You’ve seen the videos of someone holding their dog over a bucket of water and their feet and legs automatically start the dog paddle. Because we all know dogs swim we think they are safe around pools. The major safety problem is that even though your… Continue reading Swimming Pool Safety For Your Dog

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Do Our Pets Go To Heaven

The Bible says God gave both the animals and man the breath of life. The difference is humans were made in the likeness of God. Although animals can think, humans can use their minds to reason, invent, worry. Man is spiritual and will continue after death. Animals, who are not capable of spirituality, will not… Continue reading Do Our Pets Go To Heaven

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Cat People VS Dog People A No Brainer

There can be no argument against the superiority of dogs.  Unless you’re a cat lover.  Cat lovers are very defensive of their feline companions.  Dog lovers just know they’re superior so they are cool and laid-back when it comes to their canine family members. Cat people point out that cats are low maintenance.  You never… Continue reading Cat People VS Dog People A No Brainer

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7 Reasons To Massage A Dog

Massage therapy for dogs has become very popular in the last few years. There are canine massage therapy schools popping up everywhere. You can hire a massage therapist to come to your home or you can massage your dog yourself. If you choose to do it yourself the best way to learn is to ask your… Continue reading 7 Reasons To Massage A Dog

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Should You Sleep With Your Dog

Do you sleep with your dog? If you do, you fall into the majority of dog owners. Approximately 56 percent of us sleep with our dogs. But is this good for us and more importantly is it good for the dog? Who can resist those soulful brown eyes and cute wagging tail when it’s time… Continue reading Should You Sleep With Your Dog

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Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed

Tibetan Spaniels have been said to come from Tibet but more than likely they originated somewhere around China. They have been found in the area around Tibet and Korea as far back as the 8th century. It is said that they lived in monasteries and were highly esteemed by the monks who gave them as… Continue reading Tibetan Spaniel Dog Breed

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Why Does My Dog Lick Me

We call them doggy kisses. At first, it’s cute and sweet. Then it becomes slightly annoying. We try to push them away but they just come back for more. What is going on in their little doggy brains? Is it just affection or does it mean something more? Puppies learn to lick by watching their… Continue reading Why Does My Dog Lick Me

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Fun Treat Seek Game Your Dog Will Love

Your dog can get bored just like we can. Playing games with him is a good way to help him use his mind and creates a bond between the two of you. A great game to play is Treat Seek.   This version of hide ‘n seek is a fun game to play in the living… Continue reading Fun Treat Seek Game Your Dog Will Love

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Chihuahua Dog Breed

The Chihuahua is said to come from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. They are the smallest of all breeds usually weighing three to six pounds although some can weigh up to ten pounds. Most professional associations that show dogs prefer no more than six pounds. Because of their small size they make perfect lap… Continue reading Chihuahua Dog Breed