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10 Wrong Reasons For Going To Church

Why do you go to church? A lot of people go because they think they’re doing God a favor. Or maybe they think they will be favored by God for attending. Some people mistakenly think attending church makes them a Christian. Or going to church keeps them a Christian.

Have you ever used any of these reasons for attending church?

1. To Socialize
Making Christian friends at church is nice. After all, the Lord wants us to fellowship with our brothers and sisters. But if all you’re interested in is socializing, partying or gossiping with people then you are going for the wrong reason.

2. To Meet Guys/Gals
This is similar to socializing above. The Lord wants us to marry a Christian. The Bible says a Christian is not to be unequally yoked. But do not treat church as a dating site. God is not fooled. He knows your intentions.

3. To Showcase Your Talent
If you are going to church just so you can be in the church band, praise team or choir because that’s a fun thing to do or because you want to show off your musical talent then your heart is not serving God. You are just serving yourself. The Bible has a lot to say about pride.

4. To Be Entertained
In some churches, especially the mega churches, you can’t tell whether you walked into a church or a rock concert. God never intended church to be dull. On the contrary, we should love going to church as it is a place of fellowship, learning and worship. But our focus shouldn’t be whether we get entertained or not. We shouldn’t be there just to sing, clap or listen to the pastor tell jokes.

5. To Make Business Contacts
Churches are not the place to look for new clients. If you are attending a church just to be seen by potential customers then you are certainly going for the wrong reason.

6. To Get A Tax Deduction
There is always that one person who becomes a member of a church just so he can give for the sole purpose of getting a tax deduction. If this is you then you need a lesson on giving.

7. To Have A Free Babysitter For Your Kids
There are parents that become members of a church just to have a place to send their kids. The parents rarely attend themselves but drop their kids off at church as a means of getting free babysitting. While it’s commendable that the parents are taking their children to church, they are using God for their own purposes.

8. To Get Free Help
If you are having financial, medical, or any other kind of problems the church is a good place to find help. Churches love to help their community and help those that are in need. But if you pick a church and start going just so you can get a free handout then your motive is all wrong.

9. To Look Good On Your Resume
Some people put a blurb on their website or job resume about their church attendance just to make it look good to potential employers or customers. They go to church just to have a good written resume. Other people attend church so they will look good on God’s resume. They mistakenly assume they need a good deeds resume to help get them to Heaven. Both reasons are wrong.

10. To Attain Salvation
It is sad to see people trying so hard doing all their good deeds in order to go to Heaven. If you are thinking that going to church is going to help get you into Heaven then you are trusting in your own good deeds. The Bible says Heaven is a free gift. It is by grace that we are saved, not by works (good deeds), lest anyone should boast. Eph. 2:8,9 Jesus died for you and paid the penalty for your sin in full on the cross. Repent and trust Jesus for your salvation. He is the only way to get to Heaven.