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5 Things You Should Watch Out For In A Hotel Room

Don’t let looks deceive you. This summer I stayed in a very nice motel. It looked very clean and well kept. But I’ve read all the horror stories about the hidden germs and other things that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Such as bodily fluids on remote controls, wood chair arms and even telephones. Yuk!

I’m also careful not to lay my toothbrush down on the bathroom counter. I’ve seen hidden camera shows where the maid cleaned the counter with the same rag she used to clean the outside of the toilet! She even used that rag to wipe the inside of the water pitcher! Eewww!

I never sit or lay anything on the bed. The bedspreads are not changed that often and think of what people might have done on that bedspread. Again, bodily fluid alert!

And speaking of the bed, I always check the mattress, headboard and box springs for bedbugs. I work for a pest control company and know how easily you can bring those things home with you. I never lay my suitcase on the bed and I never put my clothes in the dresser drawers. That’s a sure way to bring bedbugs home with you if there were any. I also look over the couch and chairs before I use them.

I’m careful not to go barefoot in the room not knowing what might be lurking in the carpet especially if the hotel allows pets.

I’m not germophobic by any means. I’ve just seen and read too many things about what happens in a hotel room. So this is just a heads up to bring disinfectant with you when you travel. Wipe down all surfaces, random items, light fixtures and doorknobs, even the key card. And if you’re only going to be staying a couple of days put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door so the cleaning staff won’t come in and possibly re-contaminate the room.
Enjoy your stay and don’t let the bedbugs bite!