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Prayer For Cancer Patients

Prayer For Cancer Patients

Father in Heaven

You are in control of all things and You are the source of all hope. I come before You in prayer for my friends and family who have been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t understand why this has to be but I know You have plans for each of us and You know the number of our days. Their health is in Your hands.

They must be scared Lord and I would be there to comfort them every minute if I could. But I know You are watching over them and I pray You comfort them and give them peace in the midst of their storm. Please calm their fears and take away their pain. Help them to cope with the treatments they have to endure. Make them aware of all the little things You do for them to help them stay strong in their faith.

No matter what happens, as Your child they know the ultimate victory will be spending eternity with You. Help them to keep their eyes on the prize – the earthly prize of physical healing and the Heavenly prize of eternity in Heaven.

I pray for my friends and family that don’t know You as their Savior and Lord. I can’t imagine how they can go through this cancer without the hope You can give them. I pray that through this trial they will seek You for help and ultimately repent, ask forgiveness, and follow Jesus.

Thank You for the privilege of coming to You in prayer.

In Jesus Name,