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Why Showers Are Better Than Baths

I haven’t taken a bath in thirty years!  I have bathed during all those years I just haven’t bath-ed.  Is that a word?  I prefer the shower.

Taking a bath seems like a lot of work to me.  Before I can get myself clean I have to clean the tub.  Then I have to wait while the tub fills up with water.  Then I have to ease my body into the hot water.  So now the bottom half of my body is warm and comfy while the top half is cold.  And once I start washing, the top half feels colder.  So, what do I do?  I try to lay down in the tub to get warm.

Then I realize …

Now I’m lying in a tub of soapy water.  So, I wait and wait while the tub drains so I can turn on the faucet to rinse off.  And then I realize I still need to wash my hair.

While still cold and wet, I get on my knees and turn my head upside down to get my hair under the faucet.   Not a very flattering position especially if someone walks in on me.  (Note to self – If I ever decide to take a bath again make sure to lock the bathroom door).  Shampooing my hair upside down on my knees is not something I could even think about doing at my age now.

See what I mean by a lot of work?  A shower is just so much easier.  You walk in, turn on the water, wash, shampoo, rinse, and voila, you’re done.   And you stay warm the whole time.  Even my dog prefers the shower.  I have a smart dog!