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One Nation By Ben Carson

My husband recently bought the book One Nation by Ben Carson, MD. I absolutely love this book. I couldn’t put it down. Everything he wrote is exactly what I’ve been thinking about the current state of affairs in our country. I consider this man an absolute genius when it comes to the problems and solutions our country is facing now and in the future.

Dr. Carson covers topics such as causes of disunity and decline, political correctness, elitism, bigotry, enslaving our children, and more. He also offers practical solutions like the art of compromise, becoming informed and having respectful disagreements, to name a few.

Dr. Carson demonstrates respect during the 2016 Republican debates

Showing respect during disagreements is one of the things I saw him demonstrate during the Republican debates. He stood quietly while others were arguing and name calling. When he finally got to speak he politely requested the panel stop the bickering and discuss the issues. It seems to me that is the core of what he’s about. He mentions in his book that politicians on both sides need to work together to solve the problems of this country. Instead they are more worried about being re-elected and/or being politically correct. If our political leaders really had the good of the country as a priority we would see compromise and real progress towards rebuilding our great nation.

Dr. Carson’s quiet personality and practical wisdom may not have propelled him far in the 2016 election but those qualities are exactly what we need in a president. We need someone who will work with all sides, listen to reason and work to solve America’s problems with fairness and wisdom. Dr. Ben Carson would have made a great president. Maybe America will come to their senses in 2020? Dr. Carson – America needs you!