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TurtleToots Ten Pet Peeves Do You Agree

1. MacDonald’s Double Drive Thru Lines

Some corporate exec that never buys fast food must have come up with this one. Two lines, two speakers, one order taker. This concept would work if the workers actually knew how to run this. My last trip I ordered one burger and one drink. When I got home, I had four burgers, four fries and a drink. I feel sorry for the person who got my order. I guess three of their family members went without supper that night. I presume the order taker got the two line orders mixed up. I’ve also waited in the inside line while two people in the outside line pushed through and wouldn’t let me in even though I had arrived and ordered first. If the concept of double lines are supposed to make things run faster it sure didn’t work for me.

2. HGTV’s Decorating Propaganda

I call this propaganda because I really believe HGTV must have something going on with the counter top, appliance and ceiling people. Probably not, but I’m sure those companies are very grateful for HGTV’s exposure. It seems that no kitchen is good enough unless it has granite counter tops and stainless-steel appliances. And don’t forget those “hideous” popcorn ceilings. This “virus” has spread to house buying and remodeling shows, too. Seriously, 20 years ago when I was house hunting, I never gave a thought to the ceilings. Obviously, at some point in time textured ceilings were considered beautiful and popular otherwise they wouldn’t be in so many houses. And why would anyone want their kitchen to look like a commercial kitchen with all those stainless-steel appliances? I remember a few decades ago when kitchens were pretty. Kitchens followed a color scheme. If you loved yellow you had all yellow appliances and sink with speckled yellow counter tops and floors. You could choose aqua, blue, green, orange, pink, red, etc. Kitchens were bright, fun and inviting. Now they are just blah with brown/black counters and silver appliances. I guess they fit the mood of the country right now.

3. Inconsiderate Drivers

There are a lot of ways a driver can be inconsiderate but my two pet peeves are: 1. Drivers who drive down the dividing lane way too early because they eventually want to turn left and don’t want to wait until the designated spot to get in the turning lane. 2. Drivers that cut in front of you in exit lanes after you’ve been waiting in line forever. Those same people will see a merge sign and completely ignore it blowing past the long line of patiently waiting drivers and then try to cut in just as the two lanes merge. These drivers are rude, impatient people who are probably the same people that cut in line at grocery stores and other places. Note: Since I wrote this I saw a piece on TV that said the merge is actually supposed to be both lines of cars pulling up to the merge and taking turns going through. Hmmm, if that is true I don’t think most people know that. I sure didn’t.

4. Speaker Phones

Conversations on speaker phones are just plain hard to hear and understand. The words echo and the people are usually too far away to be heard properly. I have found that most people who use speaker phones are self-important. They are executive wannabe’s. They are self-absorbed, too busy to bother people. Whenever I find myself on the receiving end of a speaker phone, I always ask that they pick up. What’s the point of talking on the phone if no one can understand what you’re saying.

5. Loud Movies

It’s pretty sad when you have to take your NASCAR earplugs with you to the movie theater. Maybe the movies nowadays are just so bad they want to pump up the volume to make them seem more exciting. I don’t want to suffer when I’m watching a movie. I guess Netfix really is a better option.

6. Websites That Make You Click 20 Pages To See The Whole Article

I’m not sure of the reasoning behind this. Maybe they want google to think they are a huge website or maybe it’s just to fill their site with more ads. But for the reader this is so annoying. They want you to go to their site to see 10 ways to do this or 20 reasons for that and you find yourself spending ten minutes just trying to click through to each page. And the pages are usually so full of slow loading ads that you finally end up giving up. This just seems like a self-defeating method to me. If there is a beneficial reason to set up a website this way, I’d sure like to know what it is.

7. Poor Spelling And Grammar Usage

I was never annoyed by this before email or texting because I never realized until I bought a computer that people were so uneducated when it comes to word usage. It boggles my mind that people don’t know the difference between their, they’re and there or here and hear. I guess I always assumed everyone knew how to spell. After all, we all went to grade school.

8. Prescription Drug Commercials

Why advertise a prescription drug? You can’t just go out and buy them. And you usually can’t remember the name of the drug when you go to the doctor anyway. Not to mention it’s up to the doctor which drug you need, if any, not some TV commercial. Before these types of commercials started airing people usually didn’t think much about illnesses or what might go wrong with them in the future. Ignorance was bliss. Now everyone knows about urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and every other physical problem or disease. I don’t want to be reminded of my mortality every time I turn on the TV. Let the doctors decide if something is wrong with us and quit bombarding us with ads about things we can’t go out and buy anyway.

9. Separation Of Church And State

There has been a major misconception of the First Amendment in the U.S. Our founding fathers left England because they didn’t want to be forced to be a part of the state religion. They wanted the freedom to worship as they chose. In the Constitution The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That means the government can’t create a national church and force us to worship there. The term Separation of Church and State is not even in the constitution. Some people have come to view that term to mean we can’t have any religion anywhere at any time. The First Amendment does not tell us not to read the Bible in schools (the first schools in the U.S. used the Bible as a learning tool). Nor does it say where or what we can teach or preach. It simply says that the government can’t make us follow any particular religion, period.

10. Self-Flushing Toilets

This may seem like an odd one but those toilets flush at the most inopportune times. Sometimes you haven’t even got up and they flush and spray water all over you. Then when you’re finally done they won’t flush at all. Not everyone knows there is a manual button you can use. So, when they finally do finish, they just leave. The next person has to deal with an un-flushed toilet. The whole concept is very annoying.