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Rude Cellphone Etiquette

There are a lot of sites dedicated to proper cell phone etiquette but none have mentioned the rudest cell phone annoyance. And that is redialing a missed number and then saying “Did you just call me?”.

A friend of mine work’s in a medium sized office. There are about 40 people in the company. They make business calls all day which means they call a lot of people. Which also means they can leave a lot of messages. Every day they get incoming calls where they pick up the phone and the person on the other end starts out by saying “Did you just call me?”. Really? It is a business. Do you know how many people work there? Where is your common sense?

Here are some things to think about before hitting that redial button:

First  Wait to see if you are going to receive a voicemail. After all, if there is one coming the sender first has to have time to record his message. Then the cell phone provider has to have time to send it to you. Every time my friend’s co-workers ask a caller if they received a voicemail they are like “oh, I didn’t listen for it”. Because you don’t wait to see if you have a voicemail you waste a lot of business time trying to figure out who in the whole company called you.

Second  It could be a misdial (wrong number). I’ve misdialed a person myself and hung up immediately and yet I’ll get a redial from the person asking “Did you just call me?”. Again, really? If it only rang once I doubt that the caller really wanted to talk to you. Wait for awhile to see if they call back. If they don’t, then it either wasn’t important or it was a wrong number or it was a scam.

Third  Which brings me to the last point. It could be a scam. Scammers will ring you once and then hang up. If you hit redial it may direct you to a premium rate service such as a 900 number which charges big bucks per minute. And they now know you are an active line so they will continue to call you. This third reason alone should give you second thought about redialing a missed call.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you recognize the number and it’s from a family member or friend whom you were expecting a call from then by all means hit the redial. Otherwise, relax. The world isn’t going to come to an end if you miss a phone call.