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What Is The Key To Heaven

Look at your keyring. You probably have quite a few keys on it. Maybe there’s one for your house, another one for your car, another one for your office or locker at school. Have you ever tried to open the door of your house with your car key? Or start your car with your house key? Doesn’t work does it? You have to have the right key to open the door of your house or start your car. That is the way it is with Heaven. You must have the right key to unlock Heaven’s door. And that key is faith.

Let’s look at what faith is not. Faith is not just knowing something in your head. Most everyone knows who George Washington was. He was the first President of the United States. We’ve all read about him in our history books. But are you trusting George Washington to do anything for you right now? Of course, not! But that is the way a lot of people think about Jesus Christ. They’ve read about Him, how He did miracles and died on the cross. But they think about him in intellectual terms the same way they would think about George Washington.

Another type of faith is when you trust God for little things in your life like praying to get well, or to get to your vacation destination safely, or to pass a test at school. God wants us to pray for those things but after we get well, arrive safely or pass our test we forget about God until the next time we need Him.

The kind of faith that opens Heaven’s door is saving faith. That is the key to Heaven. Saving faith is not just knowing who Jesus is in your head but trusting what He did for you in your heart. Coming to the place where you realize you can’t get to Heaven by any amount of good deeds that you may do but instead trusting in the payment for your sins on the cross by Jesus.